Saturday, September 26, 2009


Off the air: WGBH's Richard Knisely

This is probably more a case of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing, but while WGBH was procuring classical radio for Boston in the form of WCRB......they were letting go of one of their best known classical announcers.

Off the Air: WGBH's Richard Knisely

“The real issue is that they have been laying people off like me, claiming extreme financial difficulties, and now they suddenly have $14 million to buy another radio station,” Knisely says. “And it’s a classical music station. People are seriously questioning what’s going on. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The only way it makes sense is that they wanted to cut my large salary.”

Let's hope they find a place for him in the new efforts with WCRB. Seems awfully callous on the part of WGBH not to have thought this through. And since WGBH is a union shop, let's hope the union steps up on his behalf.

BTW...Knisely's "large salary", as revealed by him was $63,000. A rather paltry amount in the scheme of things.

Maybe they could lay off one of their fourteen vice-presidents all making between 200 & 300k a year?

Now, what becomes of Eric Jackson's program?

I am outraged that WGBH dumped its best classical DJ. I've been a listened for 50 years or more and think WGBH made a stupid decision.
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