Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Is AM Radio Still Relevant?

As people bemoan and debate the future of radio....the discussion will eventually turn to what will become of AM radio. We know there are demographic challenges to the AM band. We also know that much relevant programming has vanished from the AM dial in favor of specialty, foreign language, and paid religion. (Not that here's not a place for some of that, it just not something that will bring the masses to AM radio.) And here in Boston we just might get THREE sports signals.....with one abandoning the big signal of 850AM for piped in generic ESPN sports.

Randy J. Stine wrote this article for Radio World about the continued question of relevancy for AM radio.

Is AM Radio Still Relevant?

"The story of AM radio over the last 50 years has been a transition from being a dominant form of radio entertainment for all ages to being almost non-existent to the youngest demographic groups," the commission stated.

"I do not expect AM to bounce back," said Glen Clark, president of Glen Clark & Associates, who remains active in radio consulting. "It had a great run over more than 80 years, but I think AM is basically done. It's already getting to the point where people are just turning off their stations."

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