Friday, September 11, 2009


ESPN out at WAMG 890? (Update: WEEI changes?)

Boston Radio Watch reports that several sources are saying that ESPN 890, WAMG Dedham, will launch a new format on Monday. They had carried ESPN for four years and ESPN was due to launch a new ESPN Boston site on Monday, to co-incide with the first regular season Patriots game.

Now the word is that ESPN will be out on AM 890 that day (not sure yet what new format will be, or how WLLH 1400 in Lowell and Lawrence are affected). ESPN had tried to do some local talk with the likes of Michael Felger (now one half of WBZ-FM's afternoon team) as well as national talk shows and sports play by play, but a poor signal (even after an upgrade) and low ratings--compounded recently by the arrival of The Sports Hub--may well have doomed ESPN 890's chances.

The site is now down. "Farewell shows" may be airing today, Friday 9/11/09.

Stay tuned. No idea yet also what station in Boston, if any, will carry ESPN.

UPDATE 9/12/09: The Globe says WEEI and ESPN are talking. ESPN's overnight and weekend programming could wind up on WEEI--and eventually WEEI may move to one of its FM properties (or two?) They own 93.7 and 97.7 and who knows, could buy 99.5; at which point ESPN would find a full time home on 850! They are in talks.
Some speculation has WRKO moving to FM as well, perhaps 107.3 and/or 97.7 which would doom WAAF (perhaps landing on an HD-2)

9/14/09: In this
looped message
, WAMG thanks its listeners and says they will go off the air

What a shame. Now we're stuck with Dennis & his Sean Hannity wannabe partner and the other morning team that knows absolutely nothing about sports. RIP Mike & Mike.
M&M may be back--perhaps on 850 believe it or not. Globe says ESPN and WEEI are talking. WEEI could shift to one of its FM properties and put ESPN on 850. Before that happens, though, some ESPN shows could land on 850--overnights and weekends, though
Too bad. The afternoon show (with Lobel off mike somewhere in the room) was often as brave (in terms of calling out the BS of the Red Sox and MLB) as it was funny. Of course, it sometimes seemed that you needed a ham radio to pick up that signal. Where does Lobel go from here? The Sports Hub?
Don't know but I can tell you here in Beverly today, by day at least the signal for 890 wasn't too bad. Now it's non existent. 890 shut off at 5 pm earlier today; 1400 a bit earlier. No idea on new format, etc but for now, silent.
98.5 will dominate soon. t&R is the greatest show ever
Oh, puh-leese....

T&R are only there until their contract runs out.
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