Wednesday, August 12, 2009


WBCN signs off, Sports Hub to sign on

A few minutes past midnight on early Wednesday, August 12, 2009, WBCN ceased to exist as a broadcast radio station (they will technically continue on HD radio). DJ Bradley Jay finished it with Sinatra's "That's Life", Cream's "I Feel Free" (the first song WBCN played as an underground station, 3/15/68)and then Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". This was followed by a memory montage ending with the voice of the Cosmic Muffin, the late Darryl Martinie, saying, "Over and Out", and white noise.

They have been WBMX-FM technically for a little while now...and those calls were indeed given out a minute or so later..and two hours later, Mix 98.5 became Mix 104.1

The Sports Hub is to debut on August 13, around 6 a.m. allegedly. For now promos for the moved WBMX and the new Sports Hub are airing on WBZ-FM 98.5

So a legendary underground radio station, which came on when this reporter was six,
is now gone. During an early 70s live concert on WBCN by Canned Heat, one band member was heard to quote an old Hank Williams line--later picked up by WBCN's
Charles Laquidara--
"so we'll be back tomorrow if the good Lord's willin' and the crick don't rise".

No, they won't--not at least as we knew them.

sports hub begins THURSDAY morning at 6,,,
Listened to 'BCN on Tuesday when they played The Who, Lemonheads, and Whiskeytown (three generations right there!) and thought, "Why didn't they do this ten years ago? " 'BCN lost the plot long, long ago, so we're really saying goodbye to a station that's been DOA for years. That's how it goes, but it's important to rememebr that the 70s/80s version of 'BCN forged a genuine bond with its listeners that corporate stations are simply unconcerned with today.

Good luck to Felger et. al.on WBZ-FM -- no question 'EEI is now running scared. Loved hearing all those previous Superbowls this morning! Very clever.
sports hub officially began today at 1 pm, though they warmed up by replaying old Super Bowls (yours truly is on the way back from the Deep South.) Heard a bit of it online around 3:30 pm...
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