Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Red Sox will be on WEEI full time

WEEI AM 850 says that starting August 26, all the Sox games will be on WEEI, rather than WRKO. This is no doubt a response to the presence of WBZ-FM 98.5, The Sports Hub, and to solidify WEEI as a sports station.

Before, Sox games aired only on Wednesday nights and weekday afternoons on WEEI. Now, WEEI will have all games, and WRKO's Howie Carr won't have his last half hour or so
pre-empted by "the very exciting Red Sox pre-game show". Instead of Youkilis home runs or Becket strike outs, WRKO will bring you Michael Savage.

Hopefully people will pick up WEEI fine after dark though there are sure to be pockets where it doesn't come in. Some people who work nights, like this reporter, will be in buildings where WEEI doesn't come in well. Not everyone will be pleased.

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