Friday, August 21, 2009


The Boston FM dial, circa 1970's.....

"From the top of the radio dial! All is well! W-W-E-L FM-108!"

Some may remember the Boston FM dial was a vastly different place in the 1970's.

Although, WAAF (is that really a Boston station?) is still there at the same place on the dial playing rock. WCRB is still playing classical music, albeit from 99.5 now. WPLM-FM is still at 99.1....WBOS is still at 92.9....both with different formats. WERS, WGBH & WBUR are still there in the same spots.

I have to think this card is from the late 70's...because it lists 100.7 as WTTK.

WEEI-FM was a hip soft-rock format. ("Cat Stevens without the dogs....")

WVBF was cleaning WRKO's clock with a FM stereo Top 40.

Their were five stations playing nothing but instrumental beautiful music. WWEL, WJIB, WSSH, WJIB and WHAV-FM. (Mostly automated.) The 70's FM dial reminds me a bit of the current HD-2 channels/formats....mostly automated and music intensive.

Anyone remember 106.7 WBZ-FM? A funky automated rock format. (With no commercials!) WBZ-FM is now at 98.5 with a newly christened sports format.

Ah, the memories..... Was it a better time? ;-)

thanks for sharing!
I remember that WWEL card! I think I got one at a Radio Shack but lost it sometime...WTTK was indeed the calls for 100.7 at the time, not to be confused with the current WTKK 96.9, or the old WKKT 1510. Sometimes on discussion board people will refer to 96.9 FM Talk as "WTTK". Nope, it's WTKK; while WTTK was indeed a former incarnation of what is now WZLX.
According to, WTTK started in 1977 or so. By 1/1/79 they became beautiful music as WHUE-FM ("beautiful music for YOU"). I think WWEL because disco Kiss 108 in mid Jan. of 1979
I remember 100.7-WTTK as a country/rock kind of format.

But I also remember 100.7 at one time being WKKT or WKTT...and being billed as "The Cat" or "The Kat".

This was a very quick format...maybe lasting 1 year.

Does that ring any bells....?
I remember WBZ..I was turned on to it by a high school friend in the 12th grade..1968..listened to The Ulitmate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union, The Applepie Motherhood Band, on Dick Summer's stuff!
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