Friday, June 19, 2009


WTKK adds best of Smerconish

The Herald says WTKK
is adding the best of the Michael Smerconish show on Sundays from 12-3 pm.
Philly-based Smerconish had done numerous fill ins for Jay Severin during his
suspension. He has filled in for Sean Hannity's radio show in the past.

Last year he endorsed Barack Obama for President though is seen as a conservative.
WTKK says, "More than just politics, Smerconish covers everything from government to pop culture: all-things-Obama, dating, marriage, kids, wine, and a little more politics of course!"

Meanwhile the Quincy Patriot Ledger talked to WWZN's Jeff Santos who is interested in making the progressive talk at WWZN 1510 24/7

What happenned to the Andelman brothers...are they still there?

So, they dumped Meet the Press?

I know the PD there has a loyalty to Smerconish, since he came from her last station.
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