Wednesday, June 24, 2009


WGBH, on-air fundraising, and top-heavy management....


Philip Greenspun
has some thoughts about WGBH and their on-air fundraising. I don't know much about Philip, except that he seems to have some interesting observations on things from time to time. ;-)

Who knew that WGBH had FOURTEEN vice-presidents? All making between 200 & 300K?

Public Radio Fund Drives

Is there any fat to be trimmed? Back in 2006, according to the IRS Form 990 (available from, the company was paying 14 vice presidents between $200,000 and $300,000 per year in current and deferred compensation. Henry P. Becton, Jr., the president, helped himself to $350,000 per year. [Did they need to pay Becton $350,000 for fear that this hard-charging young executive would be hired away by a new station in Los Angeles? The guy was in his 60s and about to retire, but presumably the Trustees of this non-profit organization thought that the wisest use of donor money was to give Becton a big pay raise.]

The call letters 'WGBH' were originally derived from the parent FM's transmitter location, Great Blue Hill. Now they stand for "We've Gone Bonkers Here", with all the non-stop funraising!
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