Friday, May 01, 2009


WTKK suspends Severin indefinitely

Listener complaints about the "hateful tone" of the Jay Severin show on WTKK FM 96.9 have resulted in the indefinite suspension of the "libertarian libertine". Curtis Sliwa filled in for the controversial Severin yesterday.

The Herald reports that Severin "called Mexicans crossing the Arizona border 'criminaliens,' (and) said hospital emergency rooms had become 'condos for Mexicans'."

In past ratings periods, Severin won his time slot among listeners in the 25-54
range but more recently he placed 14th, the Herald's Jessica Heslam says. More recently he was in the news after Don Imus angrily ended their long friendship after Severin left the Imus show, frustrated at what he felt was unfair treatment.
(Photo: Boston Herald)

UPDATE 5/5/09: Air America's Young Turks show is asking their followers to
contact Severin's advertisers and tell them that what the host said was racist
and that he needs to be fired.

UPDATE 5/7/09: For now, WTKK's fix for the 3-7 pm slot may well be "The Todd
Schnitt Show"
. According to Wikipedia, ""The Schnitt Show" is a conservative radio program that leans somewhat more socially libertarian than traditional conservative." Though on the next day, Sliwa was back on doing a fill-in...

NOTE: I just wanted to add this link to Raccoon's post. There seems to be champagne corks popping as people revel in Severin's seeming misfortune.

The Herald's Scot Lehigh and Jay have gone at it both in print and on the air. Since Jay's suspension, he pens this column:

Jay Severin, A Punk Posing As A Pundit

UPDATE 5/15/09: Rumors have it that WTKK may have signed Michael Smerconish, who does a local show out of Philadelphia (WPHT, where WTKK's Grace Blazer worked last)
and a nationally syndicated show. Allegedly Smerconish had said on his show today that he would be doing afternoon drive at a station in Boston today, and that a Boston station had signed him. Stay tuned; it could be interesting come 3 pm at 96.9

Why this time....and not every time before?
Dan Kennedy says that Severin has been removed from the WTKK web site...
I noticed when the incident first broke that WTKK had a temp. website up ('new website coming soon') and there was a contest featuring Jay in the upper right hand corner. It started, "Jay Severin's brain is on fire..." etc. Now that's been removed and yup, he is totally gone from their site. Heslam's news about the meeting Mon. is interesting--will Greater pull him for good, or some other outcome?

I'll check out that Lehigh column now. Jay used to call him Scat He-Lies on air.
Last Friday after the 5 pm news, it was "Michael Smerconish filling in for Jay Severin" ... yesterday afternoon after the 5 pm news, there was no mention of Severin at all.
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