Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ch 2's Beat the Press Talks Severin

A six minute segment of WGBH-TV's "Beat the Press" discusses the Jay Severin suspension from WTKK. Hosted by Emily Rooney, who once was part of the Severin show, the panelists wonder if WTKK may bring him back but maybe at reduced pay and/or a requirement to do the show from their studios rather than his home--and a more toned down approach.

Some outraged listeners have contacted sponsors for a possibly boycott. WTKK's ratings under the new Personal People Meters ratings system have suffered. They now have to face the question, what is worse: living with Jay, or living without him? If Jay were
replaced, would the ratings suffer even further, or could Jay's ratings improve if he
were brought back and given a new approach?

(Blast from the Past, 2007: Greater Boston Beat-The-Press regular Dan Kennedy writes about how Jay Severin, who had invited Rooney to be on his show once a week, promptly
DIS-invited her after he somehow didn't get invited to the Greater Boston anniversary party...)

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