Friday, April 10, 2009


Thoughts on the Globe's possible demise....

There have been a lot of speculation about what went wrong at the Globe.

George Snell and his HighTalk blog have one of the best analysis of some of the reasons the Boston Globe faces closure.

It's a good read!

5 Other Reasons the Boston Globe Faces Closure


Contact: Sheridan Folger, Co-Founder Foundation for Conservative Solutions 603-534-7932


BOSTON-- While there are over 2000 tea parties planned around the nation for this coming tax day, April 15, one of the largest and certainly the most symbolic will be held in Boston. Thousands of participants are anticipated to gather to hear some of the nation's leading public policy leaders address why our federal government's policies of excessive economic micromanagement, punitive taxation, and unprecedented wasteful spending are proving damaging to American freedom.

The Boston Tea Party on Tax Day will be held:

Date: Wednesday April 15, 2009
Time: 11am ET to 9pm ET (speakers can be heard from noon to 2pm ET)
Location: Massachusetts State House at 24 Beacon Street, Boston

From noon to 2pm, the following speakers will address the Boston Tax Day Tea Party, which will be emceed by WRKO Radio host Todd Feinburg:

**Jim Stergios, Executive Director, Pioneer Institute
**Massachusetts State Senator Bob Hedlund (R-Weymouth)
**Barry Hinckley, Fair Tax
**David Tuerck, Beacon Hill Institute
**Carla Howell, Center for Small Government
**Chip Faulkner, Citizens for Limited Taxation
**Michael Johns, national conservative leader and former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst
**Brad Marston, Foundation for Conservative Solutions
**Sheridan Folger, Sovereignty Alliance

The event, which is expected to feature prominently in national media coverage of the Tax Day Tea Parties, is open to the public and media.
What does this have to do with the Globe?
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