Monday, April 27, 2009


Progressive Talk Back 6am to 7 pm on WWZN

Apparently the effort to bring progressive talk back to Boston is finally showing more results than just one show or two; Jeff Santos announced on WWZN 1510 that the station will now air not just his show (6-9 am) but also Stephanie Miller, Ed Schulz, and
Thom Hartmann in the near future (they are buying the time, I believe).
As I understand it, it will be Santos 6-10 am, Stephanie Miller 10-noon,
Schulz 12-3 pm, Hartmann 3-6 pm, and a show to be announced later 6-7 pm
(a "local show" according to This all begins Monday, May 4.

UPDATE: According to a station promo, the 6-7 pm hour will be a repeat of segments from the Jeff Santos and Stephanie Miller shows, "Best of Jeff and Steph"

It's ridiculous NOT to carry Stephanie Miller's first hour. I've been listening to the audio on her blog, and the first hour contains interviews with significant persons in Washington, DC and the states. Steph is a very good interviewer, and Boston NEEDS to hear that first hour!
They could tape delay it till noon but that would take an hour away from Schultz...If they think Santos can fill four hours, and maybe he can, then it's great to have all that much local talk (supposedly the 6 pm hour will be local too) but it also means less Steph.

When WRKO had her ABC-syndicated show it was only on for 2 hours (but that was how long the show was anyway, IIRC; 10p-mid, done in LA 7-9 local time)
How do you know when a station is in desperate need of money? IT's when they haven't updated their website in years(?)...
When will they learn that "buying time" does not work. It's an artificial way to keep programming on the air that the public would not support otherwise.

Look what happened to Air America.

A show has to have it's own legs to stand on it's own if it is going to succeed. Otherwise, it's just a question of time until the money runs out.
Ed Schultz and Santos are great but Steph and Thom suck. Kuby's the man, they should give him a shot
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