Wednesday, March 25, 2009


WEEI debuts on the Cape

Today at noon WEEI spread its sports radio to the Cape with the debut of
WEII-FM 96.3, formerly WRZE "the Rose" (a hit radio station). The powerful
FM signal reaches all of the Cape and some off-Cape areas like Plymouth County
as well. Too bad their listener "Butch from the Cape" isn't around to enjoy
the clearer signal.

The station is now heard on a total of 10 stations in Mass., N.H., Maine, and
Rhode Island (also reaching the other two New England states, as their signals
in Keene NH, Springfield MA, and Westerly RI cross those state lines)

I have to wonder if adding another market to their Boston signal brings in enough extra revenue to justify it.

Honestly, whats the benefit of being on in Keene, NH?
Yes, and this is why. In the long run, EEI aims to become the dominant radio voice in New England, at least for sports and the guy - entertainment which seems to take up ever increasing broadcast hours - see Dennis and Callahan as well as Planet Mikey. This allows the local stations to sell ad time, and bring in low cost popular content. Going forward, I think that the Evil Dwarf and the Wicked Witch of the Kahn actually are planning on the big score in the future coming from EEI's sports news web presence. As one may note, both the Herald and Globe are in dire staights and as they shed sports writers, they increasingly are coming to EEI to yak and write/blog on EEI's web presence. If Entercom - WEEI can just get the on line ads and ad - presence done right, in a few sport years, this could be quite the money maker. So, by spreading the radio signal across New England, they spread the good news about the real revenue generator, the web site. Sorry to go on for so long ...
Butchie from the cape was a great caller. His obit listed him as a bit of a scoundrel as well, but his skill at defending the yankees on air will never be forgotten.
What does WEEI charge stations for their programming?

Anyone know?

Also, do these stations that repeat WEEI's programming actually sell local spots?

I've heard different spots on WEEI-OWNED WEEI-FM and WVEI....but how about on the stations that they do not own?
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