Friday, March 13, 2009


Severin and Imus....

You might recall last fall WTKK's Jay Severin publicly "asked not to be invited" to appear again on the Imus in the Morning program, after what he perceived as an on air slight. (I seem to recall he had a public rebuffing of Emily Rooney after another perceived slight.)

Imus is coming to Boston again Tuesday, to do his St. Patrick's Day broadcast, as part of WTKK's "Kiss Me I'm Imus" event. Other hosts from WTKK usually appear at the event and on the air.

Will Don Imus ask Jay Severin?
Radio hosts at odds over St. Patrick’s show invite

(Also at the above link, more on WTKK's Michal Graham and his drivers license and registry issues. the original license/arrest/registration story is here...

And if there aren't enough links already in this post ;-) here is WTKK's home page.

Jessica Heslam wrote in yesterday's Herald that Imus' people have made no confusion about it: Jay is not invited to the gig. Severin as quoted as saying it was fun in the past but "Imus giveth and Imus taketh away, I guess"
Let's not forget the slight from Bill Maher!
do we see a pattern here?
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