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Recall Tom Leykis?

Tom Leykis had a rocky stay in Boston. He was the first "wise-ass" talker that WRKO hired following the glory years of Jeghelian, Burns, Williams and Brudnoy. (By "wise-ass", I mean the first generation of talker at WRKO to use the word "sucks" over and over.)

After the gals from the Inside Track wrote about him once, he decided to rip into them on the air, referring to them as fat, etc. Bad move! You don't pick a fight with the Inside Track!

You might recall he had a public incident of drinking a little too much at the WRKO Christmas Party...then went home to have an altercation with his wife in which the police were involved. The gals from the Inside Track wrote about this as "Tom mistook his wife for a yule log" when he shoved her into the fireplace or some such nonsense.

Tom went on to work at an FM talker in LA and his show was syndicated. (How do people who were fired go on to better jobs?) While his show was considered successful by the syndicator, it didn't seem to be widely cleared.

KLSX recently changed format...
and it appears that means the end of his syndicated show as well.

He recently talked to the Orange County Register about the format flip and being dropped at KLSX.

Tom Leykis talks about leaving KLSX

Some place Tom Leykis at the front of the line that began WRKO's long demise

...a face only a mother could love.

If I looked like that I think I'd be way less cocky.
I remember years ago Phil Donahue had a bunch of talk hosts on...including Tom Leykis (then from KFI in LA).

he wore his sunglasses during the entire show.

hes a strange one!
Jerry Williams was one of the charter members of the National Assoc. of Radio Talk Show Hosts. He met Tom there and the next thing you knew he had Tom on during the holidays as a fill in...and Tom wound up with the reg. gig. I met Tom when he did a remote at the Liberty Tree Mall (seemed an OK guy) and called in to his show when his subject was "Bono's swear at the Grammys". A couple weeks after Liberty Tree Mall appearance I read in papers of the incident with his wife.

Howie described it as "mistaking his wife for a Duraflame log". Later, Leykis would appear on the morning show on WFNX (he and Tom "Tai" Irwin had both been at the same station in Albany) and defended what had happened that night.

He later became a bit of a Stern clone and for awhile at least (someone sent me a tape) his voice got really raspy.
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