Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Pirate operator walks for his cause....

I hate to bring more (any) attention or legitimacy to pirate operators. But since this was in the news, I thought I would post on it.

Charles Clemmons is the operator of "Touch 106.1"...which claims to be running only 100 watts. (Local radio people will tell you different.)

He is planning a walk across America to call attention to the issue of low-power FM.

The Globe's Adrian Walker had this column:

Tuning in to his mission

The battle over greater access to the airwaves has been waged for years. Legislation calling for low-power FM stations has been bottled up in Congress since 2000, but advocates are hoping that the Obama Administration will prove more receptive to the idea.

Touch 106.1 has been the subject of several visits from federal officials and has been fined a total of $17,000.

"They say our signal interferes with airplanes," Clemons said. "We're a 100-watt station. You can't hear us down on Dudley."

As long as the see fit to air "Louis Farrakan" messages, they have no legitimacy.

When will the black community realize that the Farrakans of the world are leading them down the wrong path?
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