Friday, February 13, 2009


104.1 WBCN (circa: 1979)

More nostalgia!

Led Zeppelin....AND...Manhattan Transfer?

When was this? I can't recall them both being on the same station...
The good old days!
1979 was also the year of the infamous WBCN strike when Infinity fired half the staff thinking that would bust the union. The whole station walked out completely shutting the station down except for poor Charlie Kendall who had just become the PD and ended up playing the old King Biscuit Flour Hour tapes.
I don't there WAS an 'Infinity' then...

Who owned it way back hen.

(I know it wasn't CBS.)
Just for the record: the 1979 'BCN strike was against
a company known as Hemisphere Broadcasting which was a subsidiary of Progressive Communications Corp. out of New York. A guy named Michael Weiner
headed up the buy. I can remember being called into
his office and told "I'm sorry we have to meet this way but..." It took all of 20 seconds.
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