Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Whats next for Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis on occasionally gets ribbed for being the stiff anchor and a throwback to the days that the movie Anchorman parodied. He is sometimes referred to as a real life Ted Baxter.

However, from anyone who has met him, he is one of the nicest guys in the business.

He is also known by those who have worked with him as a hard worker. After getting the boot from NECN, he is already looking for the next opportunity! Always upbeat!

He recently gave this very open interview to the Cape Cod Times:

Tom Ellis: 'Open to every possibility'

Ellis called in to Howie Carr the other night and talked for most of an hour; he says he's indeed still got it and would like to work. Fans called in to say what fans they were of Tom. (And...remember the Dream Team? Tom and Robin Young? :)

Ellis said his least fave station in terms of whom he worked for was Ch 7
Tom Ellis will be on WBZ radio tonight with Jordan Rich (Sun 18th)
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