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WBZ cuts Leveille, Dyett, Cuddy

It's now been confirmed by the Herald: WBZ has cut longtime overnight talk host Steve Leveille, similarly longtime/legendary weekend host Lovell Dyett, and sports guy Tom Cuddy (and perhaps talker Pat Desmarais as well). No idea on replacements yet. The budget ax also fell on sister station WTIC in Hartford with the sacking of afternoon host Colin McEnroe.

The news comes as a shock to some--but given the way radio's been going, perhaps no surprise. Some speculation has CBS Radio launching a network show for overnights on its talkers.

(Trump: "You're fired...")

UPDATE: On Jan. 5, 2009, Leveille's replacement took to the air at WBZ and three
other stations: Jon Grayson with "America Overnight" weeknights from 1 to 5 am
on WBZ. According to WBZ's schedule, Dan Rea will be extended till 1 am (and Jordan
Rich till 1 am on Sunday nights). When there's no Bruins game, it will be a reply of
his 8 pm hour. When the Bruins play, Rea will continue to be on live till 1 am.

UPDATE 1/28/09: Thanks to listener protests, the Steve Leveille Broadcast has been
returned to the air as of next week!

Can't we be different: does one lousy salary mean that much to CBS?

If there's some problem with Leveille, ok, replace him. But let's be the one stand-alone market* with an overnight live talk format, east of the Mississippi.

*KDKA may still be live after 12am?
I thought I heard KDKA was
running tape delayed Dennis Miller at midnight. I wouldn't be surprised if a whole bunch of CBS talkers go to this new syndie talker from out of St Louis that's been spoken of.
Then they do Midnight Radio network whatever that is.
My two cents...CBS should have cut Dan Ray loose instead. He seems like a nice guy and fairly intelligent. But he does not fill the void left by the late Messrs. Brudnoy and Sullivan. Steve Leveille would have been a better replacement, at least he knows (knew?) how to make a talk show enjoyable.
CBS should have cut Dan Ray loose instead. He seems like a nice guy and fairly intelligent. But he does not fill the void left by the late Messrs. Brudnoy and Sullivan.

Dan Rea has more marquee appeal, has a good grasp of the issues, good understanding of the state house and state politics, is a lawyer, and has more years as a reporter than Steve Leveille. least he knows how to make a talk show enjoyable.

I have to disagree. Steve show is the definition of boring.
It's about time they let Leveille go. No one called in and his topics were much can you talk about a Fluff sandwich. Then if you did call in and godforbid disagree with him...gone. Jordan Rich should get that slot...interesting topics, guests and he isn't rude to his callers. Just my two cents. I also agree with the comment about Dan Ray...zzzz boring.
Leveille did discuss some politics though I'm not so sure I'd agree with him. Having Mel Simons on was fun even though one time competitor Jeff Katz, when he was with WRKO, made fun of shows where you "answer a question about Glenn Miller...and win a pen". I think the idea of Leveille was a bit more laidback talk (perhaps for an admittedly older audience) instead of hot button discussion of the issues.

Rea is entertaining and informative and comes from the Right; I know some liberals who can't stand him. He must be doing good :)
Jordan Rich names Jon Grayson as the new WBZ overnight host and Jordan also mentioned on the air during his Friday night/Saturday morning show that it is called "Overnight America." Jordan has an interview scheduled with Grayson on his Sunday night show (Jan. 4, 09). A Google search turns up Grayson as an on-air talker on CBS's KMOX in St. Louis
rr: The Katz line about the "pen" was back when Bob Raleigh was on. Remember when Steve took over, he wasn't sure Mel would be on anymore?
My family has had only WBZ on all day since WEEI 580( Edison Electric Industries) talk radio and news went belly up !
BZ went bad first with their LOUSY news it was all opinion,
news anchors would reprea thuge errors in stories all day long.
Bush and the Republicans were always bad and the Theives on Beacon Hill always slipped under the radar. Every priest was a gay pedophile and a gun story even if it were in Arizona would be in the first 90 seconds. Instead of reporting every story had an Lefty angle so they lost audience share all day long. When a station runs ads with Bernie and Phyl telling you how good WBZ is to run your ads well buddy you're in trouble with advertising.

Larry Glick, Norm Nathan,Bob Raleigh and Steve Levellie turn down the pressure and let you relax,
BZ should play the national Anthem at Midnight cut their power to 500 watts to save money no one will be listening
any more Maybe Steve will re appear om some other station or go on internet radio

But didnt BZ try this before when Bob Raleigh left with some over night taped show?

Is WBZ a CBS flag station owned by CBS? why now standard CBS hourly news or CBS produced segments. Peter Casey is running the station into the ground!

How much money was Steve Levellie costing him ?

I got all the 14 years of CBS Radio Mystery theatre for Christmas so I have something good to listen to al night

WBZ 50,000 watts of canned talk to 38 states which already get the same show locally

WBZ just went the same way as WOWO Ft wayne IN once a power house with an national identity now just a repeater station on the DARN (dumb ass radio network)

Its a sad day for us all

paper boy 54
Its a sad day for us all!

Been listening to BZ for over 45 years here in Maine and it is a sad day. I agree 100% with the previous post. BZ used to be special now it is not much different than all the other
junk on the AM radio dial. Good luck Steve L. and other radio pros....
maybe something will change. What I will change is a long time relationship with WBZ.
I will quit listening to WBZ radio after 40 + years.
Good luck to the "fired" former WBZ personnel.
You will be sorely missed.
Lovell Dyett was great to listen to on Saturday night. I can't believe they let him go without even a tribute for all his years on the air. I agree with the other bloggers. Boston's now going to be homogenized and sound like every place else in the country. Clearly it's a sad day and WBZ should be ashamed of themselves!
"But didnt BZ try this before when Bob Raleigh left with some over night taped show?"Bob Raleigh retired and was replace by Steve LeVeille. Brudnoy was canned and replaced by the syndicated (but live, I think) Tom Snyder show. Listener outcry convinced the weasels to give Brudnoy his show back. Could the same thing happen with LeVeille these days?
BZ made a mistake by cutting Steve LeVeille. He was always entertaining and my wife and I will miss him. We don't need another national talk program. Steve discused local topics and hopefully another station will make BZ regret their blunder in dismissing Steve.
Yeah, it was when Raleigh was on not Leveille. It was awhile back! (the line about the pen giveaway!)
I feel bad for the regular callers
like Genarosa. WBZ was an AM Radio institution now it's ready to be flushed. As anyone in the business will tell you the executives making the decisions aren't broadcasters.So long old sport
I'm sorry to hear about Steve Leveille. He will be missed by many
of us. But as soon as I hear what
Station Steve has moved on to, "good
by WBZ".
I was devastated to hear that Steve LeVeille was laid off. I'm still reeling from the loss of Norm Nathan! I grew up with 'BZ. My parents would have it all 24/7. My siblings and I all had radios on at night. We all listened to WBZ talk to get to sleep. Regardless of what I thought of the views of the talk host, listening to the local chat was entertaining. I agree with a previous poster regarding the 50,000 watts that 'BZ brags about. What good does it do now? I'm at the computer and found that show Overnight America. Ugh ... what a drag. I don't know what I'm going to listen to. I hope the laid off hosts go to another local station so I can tune in.
The new syndicated guy might be OK, but I'm in a location where I can usually listen to either WBZ or KMOX off the air (WCCO sometimes also) at night, in addition to the Internet streams. Why should I listen to WBZ during the week any longer? There's nothing unique about it.
I don't know about the
rest of you, but I just
filed a formal complaint
with the FCC in regards
to WBZ 1030 and the station's
actions in letting go Steve
and the others. There's an
online form you can fill out
if you visit the
website - I'd like to urge all
who view this message to go to
that site and fill out the form
to file a complaint if you're
not happy with WBZ 1030 and
its decision to switch to syndicated programming during
the late overnight hours on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday mornings..
I was shocked when I tuned in on my 4:00am commute this morning. I enjoyed Steve's brand of broadcasting. I never thought that WBZ would resort to syndication as it always prided itself as a local station. I will be changing what station stays on my dial and hope enough pressure is put on WBZ's overnight adverizers so that they will join in the disgust over the nationalizing of local radio.
Very sorry to see Steve LeVeille gone from WBZ; he was entertaining to say the least and brought great local flavor to the show, something the new show can't do. Case in point, we have a very severe ice problem this morning and, because of the nationally syndicated show we only get one warning at the half-hour break instead of continuous coverage if Steve, or any local program, had been on. Sorry to see you gone Steve!
Steve LeVeille is definitely no Larry Glick, Norm Nathan or Bob Raleigh ! ! Thus no great loss to overnight Boston radio as he spent more hours talking to himself than actually participating in talking to others. Don't know if or how WBZ can hopefully retrieve its overnight country wide audience from the past which was pure enjoyment. But for my two cents, "Thank You" for finally letting Steve LeVeille go as I am one listener who won't miss hearing his boring endless nonsense and combative criticizm of anyone who disagreed with it.
KDKA in Pittsburgh has also gone to non local broadcasting after midnight,it goes to show that the mighty dollar doesnt care about the workers that need some local input about weather conditions etc after midnight,thanks for CDs and tapes gone except for their commercials,stations that care for local input
Very sad, we like to wake up to Steve, this morning was very disturbing. Not liking the new format. Will be tuning into another station tomorrow.
I called and emailed to WBZ the other morning when the news broke of Steve loosing his show. The station does not have a person or voice mail answer option during business hours. I asked for the names and address of both local and national CBS radio comntacts in order to voice my complaint. NOt one answer. Clearly they do not care about long time listener opinion. I find it very upsetting that an iconic station like WBZ has resorted to infomercials about dubious products in the first place, but to really boring national shows too. In axing Cuddy they have abandoned high school profiles and in axing Dyett, they have abandoned the black community. I always thought that stations have a mandated responsibilty tied into licensing, to serve their community of listeners. Guess that is not so! For the most part, there is no reason to tune in...Dan Rae is prickly and defensive and the new overnight is horrible. I feel a loss.
I'm not blaming Jordan Rich because he is a stand up guy but during the interview he had with Grayson on his Sunday night show I kind of felt they tried to put a positive spin on the loyal listeners stating change is good. When I e mailed him I stated this would be like telling someone who lost their legs how good it would be not having to pay for shoes and socks anymore. We want new Englanders heard on WBZ not the people I heard during the first 15 minutes of the Overnight America show. Jon Grayson has no broadcasting skills. I think the listeners should call the businesses who advertize on WBZ we are boycotting their products and services. WBZ executives won't listen to us but will listen to them. Let's have a 2009 Boston Tea Party and throw this garbage in Boston Harbor where they belong. Do it for Steve Pat Lovell and Tim. Let's support them the way Steve supported Peskey!
I don't always agree with the opinions of the hosts but I think it is critical to have at least one live local station. I will also post a complaint with the ftc. I will also let the sponsors know where my loyalty lies. Think Jordan Furniture et al will enjoy hearing complaints about their subsidizing syndication.
I too, thought I was listening to the wrong station last night.

Very disppointed to here the news.

Please forward comments/complaints to:

News Director / Program Director: Peter Casey:
Assistant Program Director: Bill Flaherty
Dear Mr. Casey:
I want you to know how disappointed I am in your cancellation of Steve Leveille.
Steve's show was the finest show on radio.
Endlessly entertaining, informed and alive, his work was a cornerstone to WBZ and its fine reputation.
I love radio and it breaks my heart to see it decay and die.
Please just hook up to a satellite feed, turn the HD radio noise up to 12 and use WBZ as a business loss.
How much money can you possibly be saving with this move?
I am so infuriated, I want to kick dirt at your building.
What are you thinking? Do you really think we will listen to this replacement nonsense?
You've lost me permanently. Recorded news? Syndicated talk shows like Kim Komando? Are you kidding?
Here's a clue: It's content that builds an audience. Building an audience takes a very long time. Losing one takes seconds.
I've been listening to WBZ since birth. What do I do now?
Regretfully, Karl Zuk
I listened to WBZ/Steve L for 10 years since WJR in Detroit went with the syndication junk. Another flagship 50000 watt station going down the tubes. Bill/Howell, Michigan
I listened to steve every morning when i get ready for work in the morning he was funny and his topics were light usually it's get you away from the bad news all day I am a adved listen to wbz it's on my radio at home and in the car i noticed alot a cuts lately did not see this coming.
This morning i got up and heard a syndicated talkshow I thought i had the wrong station
It is too bad about the loss of a locally produced overnight show. Unfortunately, the effort to make the show interesting was not there. At the end, the show was all about Max the cat, how the Boston Globe delivered his paper to the driveway rather than the steps, Steve looking for a morning Boston radio station which he could guest host, or the lack of any regular and interesting guests.
There is no reason to listen to BZ without having local interests. I listened for callers that were familiar and talk about Boston or the area.
I have listened to WBZ for over 40 years. It was a trusted and respected entity. It was dependable and had integrity. All of that is now lost over a decision based on money and based on profit margin.Your loyal listeners have suffered many losses thru the years yet have remained loyal as a family does but this decision leaves us no other choice but to look for alternative radio and it makes me very sad.
I found this on KMOX web site

KMOX's Grayson Expands His Audience
by Frank | Sun, 01/04/2009 - 8:41pm
The new program "Overnight America" hosted by Jon Grayson, originates from the studios of KMOX in St. Louis.

Grayson, who has been with the station since 2000. The new show will be simulcast on KMOX, WBZ in Boston, KDKA in Pittsburgh and WCCO in Minneapolis, all of which are owned by CBS. Steve Moore of KMOX is vice president of talk programming for the network.


Call / Write the advertisers
tell them bring back the locals or you won't be shopping at their business ever again!

WBZ has a new tag line on its web site
WBZ 1030 Moving at the speed of Life YOUR LIFE

count me out WBZ is in full reverse, next it wil cut it's power becasue KDKA will cover the US with the same show as WBZ

I though Art Bell was bad but this Grayson guy was awful I got my old GE super radio and pulled in WCBS to listen to news instead

and tonight I will start playing my CBS radio Mystery Theatre CD
I have 14 years of shows and I'll never hear a WBZ advertisement again.

If you don't have programing that makes you stand out becasue your DIFFERENT then you fade to black
becasue you have the same dull noise as everyone else!

Start the Boycott Call and write the advertisers!

It's 12 midnight B U L O V A BULOVA WATCH TIME. Say Goodnight Gracie! WBZ just pulled its own plug.

Aside from the change of host, which I could learn to live with, what I really dislike is the national syndication aspect of the new programming. I'm not interested in talk about Minnesota, I want local talk. When are these people going to get that? They may think that having one host and one staff provide programming for a whole stable of stations is a swell idea, but late night listeners tune in for local talk they can relate to, and hosts they can develop a listening relationship with. I've listened to 'BZ late night for almost 50 years. It has provided a local, usually light mood alternative to heavy politics and syndicated sports. Bring back my local program.
I wasn't listening, but when I saw people wondering what would be on in the hour leading into the 1 AM slot, I tuned in briefly.

Tonight they reran one of Dan's earlier hours in the 12-1 spot.

Which is always great when he's talking about what's coming up after the break.
The new guy stinks!!! BRING BACK STEVE! I want to talk about the Red Sox, the Pats, spring training, Max, the house in Maine, and Generosa! Everyone at my work is boycotting WBZ until they bring back Steve!
Just for giggles I thought I would call the new show because the topic they were talking about was ridiculous. As I expected it was busy for the whole 20 minutes I tried to get in and not one from New England had a chance to speak while I commuted to work. There goes local radio. i filed my FCC complaint, have you?
I liked Steve L. very much, and miss the good old days of Boston Radio when you couldn't decide what AM station to listen to at night. I grew up on talk radio and enjoyed Steve because he took me away from the strain of the day. I will not be listening to WBZ anymore. Steve if you're out there, I'm a longtime listener and never got to be a first time caller but please post something on your website { or at least create a comment field so we can tell you how unfair this is to you.
What will I do now ? I used to look forward to going to bed and listening to Steve. It was relaxing and interesting...even the conversations about the 'fluff'...I could relate to everything that he said. His show was local and real and was part of the fabric of my life.
I listened to the new show and felt so sad and disconnected. Why does WBZ think this was a good idea? Wbz and Brudnoy helped me survive the isolation of the 'Blizzard of '78'...the talk show hosts were all a form of comfortable 'buddies' to me, and a connection to the community. It is a very sad end of an era.
I shall keep my eyes and ears open to see where Steve I can hang around my 'buddy' again. cj
You know, syndicated talk doesn't necesarily have to be bad.

Larry King's radio show was on 250 stations...and was a kick to listen to.
I despise Dan Rae, he is a holy than...

Anon 6:00... Comments are always welcome....but let's show some intelligence, huh?

>>Which is always great when he's talking about what's coming up after the break.

Yeah and in his 8 pm hr tonight he said they would talk some more about it in the next hour!
The grand tradition of Larry Glick, Norm Nathan and Steve has been broken. What Steve did for WBZ was give it brand identity and intense loyalty. With Steve, WBZ was a classy station that, while listening to during the day, I knew would be offering that great stuff at night. That button on my radio will no longer be set to 'BZ, day or night, because there are better local stations during the day, and better stations to listen to at night. This is the kind of dumb management that got GM into big trouble. CBS--I'm boycotting BZ from now on--you trashed my longtime friend.
As a radio talk show host, Dan can get a bit annoying. He is SO patronizing. If I hear him say one more time "We don;t have time to talk, Bob, but we really want to hear your voice, so please call when we have more time." I turn to another station. I get more wound-up listening to this guy, that it's that much more wonderful to hear Steve's voice after the break. I should have taped him--he'll be sorely missed.
bring back paul benzaquin
I listened to him. Liked his show.
Some of the lunatics that used to call in were pretty humorous!
Was really getting tired of the Cat talk though.
I dont listed to 1030 till 5 a.m.
now, when the local news comes on.
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I still can't believe they let Steve go. I haven't listened to wbz since and won't again.
Does anyone know if our efforts have been in vain or if the program schedule will go back to the local format? If we can't do something about this soon it's going to stick. We have to keep doing everything we can ! One if by land two if by sea we need the Boston minute men and woman to come to the aid of our best friend Steve.
The grand tradition of Larry Glick,our beloved Norm Nathan and David Brudnoy and Dave Maynard has been broken. What Steve did for WBZ was give it brand identity and intense loyalty, a local flavor and the very fabric of my life. I have been a FAITHFUL listener of WBZ for the past 50 years and I am crushed. When I heard the national show, I wanted to cry. We are New Englanders and require our own special brand of talk. No matter where I have lived I made an effort to be able to listen to WBZ. You can not replace the callers and the hosts with people from the midwest. We need BOSTON talk radio!! We need to talk about the Sox, the Pats, the politics and the weather...WBZ you have made an egregious mistake that will never be forgiven in my home.
Here is a link with almost 150 comments in favor of Steve and his local programming returning to WBZ.
Here’s one way to voice your displeasure….contact any and all of these folks, beginning with the GM.
Teddy Jordan-General Manager
Office: 617-787-7570

Chris Hill- General Sales Manager
Office: 617-787-7171

Rebecca Ivey- Local Sales Manager
Office: 617-787-7184

Chris Vecchia- Local Sales Manager
Office: 617-746-1360

Jennifer Bousquet- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7177

Ed Bratz- Account Executive
Office: 617-746-8329

Justin Caruso- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7163

Nick Consalvo- Account Executive
Office: 617-746-8354

Ross Dananberg- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7169

Melanie Footer- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7179

Shelley Gallagher- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7194

Debbie Harris O’Hearn- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7299

Donna Kearney- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7176

Erin McNamee- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7310

Lee Santer- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7209

Wendy Schmidt- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7305

Darrell Smith- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7189

John Taylor- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7173

Doug Tierney- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7159

Mike Viselli- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7141

Brian Wheeler- Account Executive
Office: 617-787-7591

Dylan Ney- Sales Assistant
Office: 617-787-7183

Stacy Mondesir- Sales Assistant
Office: 617-787-7197

Julie Pesanello- Executive Assistant
Office: 617-787-7206

Debbie Ellis- Executive Assistant
Office: 617-787-7115
This weekend (Jan 10/11) revealed another development on WBZ late night. It seems that Jordan Rich is now shared with WCCO in Minneapolis on Saturday mornings from 2:00AM-5:00AM and Sundays from 2:00AM-3:30AM EST. Jordan also had a caller suggesting it was time for a toll-free number and Jordan remarked that it was being worked on. Stay tuned.
More on Steve Leveille here:
What a major disappointment. I will still listen to WBZ day time, largely for LOCAL traffic reports. But I already stopped listening at 08:00 p.m. because I never liked Dan Rea. (Pompous, self righteous... And he may be a lawyer but he doesn't seem to come off as very intelligent, let alone very good as a radio host.) Now there is no point in tuning in a midnight because that slot is filled with a repeat of the first hour of a show I don't want to hear to begin with. Pat Desmarais would have been a far better choice in this time slot. I may not have agreed with Pat's viewpoints, but at least they were intelligent viewpoints.

And the replacement show? For all the complaints I have seen posted about Steve Leveille talking to himself with no callers (and that was never the impression I got of his show) Amerika Overnight just talks and talks and repeats the toll free number - a lot - and maybe allows two callers on the air every 30 minutes. It's generic, it's not local, it's boring.

The weekend on BZ is completely lost to me now. Lovell Dyett has been replaced with infomericals. And I doubt we will be hearing from Pat Desmarais again.
You know a real smart move by WRKO 680AM or WTTK 96.9FM would be to hire STEVE LEVEILLE for their overnites weekdays as he would bring a crowd of wbz listeners and make WBZ look foolish, plus it would emphasize their local committment and current political events which Steve is excellent at.Also their current hosts George Koury,and John and Jeff are quite light on any meaningful content.This could backfire bigtime on WBZ,and the next heads to roll at wbz might be the management which seems appropiate in this case,also how much could they possibly be saving by letting their brand of local radio go,I think it is a major blunder and it wouldn't surprise me if in the next few months BZ is forced to go back to its local identity,singing mike
The same market conditions that foprces WBZ to reduce staff.....are the same market conditions that would prevent WRKO and WTKK from hiring an overnight hosts.

If WBZ can't make enough on the overnight to support a local host...what makes you think the other stations (with more limited signals) could?

Also, WRKO is cutting their budgets to the bones as well. WRKO only has 2 local announcers in the whole place (or more like 1-1/2)

If you heard about the trouble that CBS/WBZ is having.....they're even worse troubles at WRKO and Entercom.

I don't imagine that WTKK could garner enough revenue from overnights to hire Steve Leveille.

Believe me, "heads are not going to roll" at WBZ because they lost their overnight host.

WBZ (and CBS) will never admit their mistake...and will never go backwards.

I think your going to have to accept that Steve Leveille is gone....and the radio industry is changing.
Thank you WBZ for letting Steve Leveille go. Every night I used to wake up at about 3:00 or earlier and I would always turn on Steve to try and fall asleep but his shows were so interesting that I never fell back to sleep but ended up listening right up until 5:00 and was exhausted every morning....I must tell you now with this new show...I fall right asleep in a matter of minutes and am sleeping so much better. I also do not listen to WBZ in the morning anymore because Steve was a good lead in to your daytime news broadcast but now I just listen to TV instead (and it isn't Channel 4).


Steve LeVeille and Lovell Dyett return to WBZ after listeners sound off

By Jessica Heslam | Tuesday, January 27, 2009 | | Media & Marketing

WBZ radio is bringing back talk show hosts Steve LeVeille and Lovell Dyett - both dumped last month during a round of budget cuts - after being hammered by hundreds of angry listeners.

The station announced the pair’s return earlier today on its Web site and on the air.

“It was the right thing to do for the station and New England,” said WBZ-AM (1030) news director Peter Casey, who said the station received hundreds of e-mails, letters and calls from listeners.

LeVeille, 53, had manned WBZ’s overnight mic for over a decade and was replaced with the syndicated show “Overnight America.” He returns to his old slot at midnight Monday.

WBZ brass contacted him in recent days. “I never expected to get a call like that ... it’s not how the business works. ... Totally out of left field,” LeVeille told the station.

Dyett, 73, who had been at BZ for 37 years, hosted a Saturday night show that has been replaced with revenue-generating, paid programming. He returns to the station with a Sunday morning public affairs program. The half-hour show will pre-recorded and air at 4:30 a.m.

LeVeille’s fans had launched an online effort to petition WBZ and its advertisers to bring him back. Several of the city’s black leaders called on the station to put Dyett back on the air.

It’s not the first time WBZ has brought back a host. Management rehired the late David Brudnoy in the mid 1990s after the nighttime yakker’s listeners demanded it.

Article URL:

See what several thousand letters and phone calls can do !

I am so glad that Steve Leveille is back on WBZ His fan's crusade wroked.. !!!!!! His show (broadcast) is often fun, light (which is great at that hour). I do wish though that Lovell Dyette were given the same opportunity to come back to his owm time slot. I do not feel badly about Pat Desmarais becuase his talent was not up to par of WBZ and his politics were ill thought out and he seemed to me to be quite mysogynist in his opinions.
Why did you also eliminate the Charles Osgood spot in the AM?
You give me more reasons not to listen to WBZ then you do give me quality programming.

Morning commuter
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