Friday, January 30, 2009


Layoffs: Now it's Greater Media's turn.....

The angel of death moves from station to station...and has now apparently hit Greater Media, which unlike every other company in town, until now, had appeared to have been spared any layoffs.

The Herald's Jessica Heslam has this story today...

Greater Media Boston axes 11

One of the ways you can tell the character of a company is the manner in which they let go of people when the time comes. There was also some talk as to the manner in which the WTKK Promotions Director was let go. Anyone know the story there?

I don't know what the practice is at other stations....but I know someone let go from Greater Media a few years ago that was there for 5-1/2 years...and was given only 2 weeks severance. (That's not even enough to pay your current mortgage/rent!)
i heard that she was the recipient of an unintended email that spoke about her being let go...before she was told...
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