Thursday, January 15, 2009


Herald: Eagan and Braude re-up; Howie tied for #1

The Herald's Jessica Heslam says that WTKK has re-signed Eagan and Braude, dashing WRKO's hopes to lure
them to the morning show in place of Finneran

"Sources say the “lucrative” deal is for a guaranteed five years but the pair’s agent and attorney, George Tobia, wouldn’t confirm the length or salary."

In the most recent 25-54s, she reports, Howie tied with Kiss 108 for #1 in 25-54s, perhaps due to election interest; Severin was in third. Finneran finished 15th in his time slot (Imus 10th)

What's "lucrative" ???
lucrative = "more than they were making before"
I don't know where Jessica got her numbers from. The 25-54 numbers I saw have Howie tied for #3 with WTKK during his first hour and tied for #2 with Kiss 108 the rest of his show!
Is Jessica counting the entire 10-3 block?
WRKO is in a 3 way tie for 15th from Mon-Fri 10-3 in the 25-54 demo!
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