Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hello Everbody!

There is a new book out that I hope to pick up called "Hello Everybody: The Dawn of American Radio", by Anthony Rudel, about the early days of radio. It's not about the so-called "Golden Age" of radio...but the early days when hobbiest and experimenters were getting started with this new medium, and the thrill of hearing sounds come through the air would cause people to stare in amazement. Amazing stories, quirky station operators and owners...and the first concepts as to how to make radio a financially viable business.

Can you imagine a farmer coming back to the prairie from the "big city" with a box. His wife would ask. "What's that?" He would say, "It's called a "radio"". "What do you want with that?", she would ask. And he would say "We'll be able to listen to orchestras on it from all the way in New York on it!" Amazing!

Long before the internet, radio was the first electronic medium.

WBUR's Tom Ashbrook interviewed the author, and included some great sound from the past. If you have time to listen, it's well worth it.

When Radio Was Young

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