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Efforts mounted to bring back Leveille

A Facebook group, petition drive,
and blog are among the efforts
to try and get WBZ to rehire the laid off Steve Leveille.

In today's Herald Media biz column,
Jessica Heslam interviewed Steve who said that his firing was the nature of the biz; wasn't totally unexpected. He said he'd like
to do a morning show.

Salem News
talks to two Leveille fans, 96-year-old Generosa and
the man who started
UPDATE 1/28/09: The petition drive worked! Leveille and Dyett are back. See above.

For some reason I think this was a decision made at corporate headquarters.....and would be next to impossible to reverse.

I don't think they care about what us "locals" think. The corperate boys don't read the Globe or Herald, nor do they read Radio Info or Facebook, etc.

I think this is a done deal.
You're probably right. Who knows if these efforts will be successful, though (it could surprise us). Supposedly Steve has feelers out for a possible morning drive gig somewhere on the East Coast though I doubt it'll be Boston.
The idea WBZ didn't announce this ahead of time is a scam. Dan R.was commenting about the CEO from the electric company that did such a bad job with the ice storm avoiding an interview and taking calls from their customers who were hurt by the loss of electricity. Oh I forgot about his gutter problem rants for the past 2 weeks. Like he said he won't be messed with,just his co-workers,that's ok. He's going to the A.G.about his gutter problem. He didn't say anything about the CEO from CBS taking calls from the loyal listeners who were hurt by their changes did he ? His gutters are much more important. I realize it's a different kind of hurt but we are their bread and butter. To almost quote the soup guy NO BREAD FOR YOU I’M NOT LISTENING ANYMORE. I guess Dan has selective criticism which means Dan doesn't care about the people who were laid off or us. I was going to call his show but he would’ve explained it away and ended my call. He should be just as interested about this ongoing situation. Maybe if the CEO from CBS took calls he would understand our point of view. I was never a fan of his show or any show with that format. The host stirs up emotion about issues and the callers fall for it. If Dan was for real he’d do the CBS interview.
First of all, you dont know if Dan cares...or doesn't care about his colleagues, as you don't know him personally.

Second, you expect Dan Rea to use WBZ to attact the very company he works for? Are you crazy?

Because someone wants to keep their job....isn't a vice.

Lastly, you expect the CEO of CBS to be taking calls from listeners?

What planet are you on?
Well it's clear you know me and the CEO from CBS personally. If ignorance was bliss you'd be a mardi gras !
Nope, don't know either...that why I am not making any assumptions...or maligning anyone's character.

Nor should you.
Are you crazy?
What planet are you on?
Is maligning someone's character.
Right or wrong we all have opinions. Insulting someone for stating one on a blog is wrong. Let's hope it works out for the best. Happy New year to you and your family
No one is maligning your character, you're just an nameless, faceless commenter on an internet message board.
lol JFM is funny!

I can just imagine the CEO at CBS taking calls from "Vera in East Boston" complaining she cannot get her recipes from Steve Levellie anymore. ;-)

And im not sure if i understand this...but is he complaining that Dan Rea doesn't come on the air each night and blast his employer?

What a hoot!
At least WBZ is consistent. After screwing up their TV news dept. by hiring empty-brained mannequins to do their morning news and gutting the tradition of the station by axeing long-time fixtures that viewers related to, they have now turned their attention to radio. No wonder Gil Santos is retiring - or is he just trying to beat the pink slip too? Plus they have eliminated a nightime newscaster for their hourly updates. All these negative changes but their advertising rates have not changed at all. CBS - Could've Been Something!
All these negative changes but their advertising rates have not changed at all. CBS - Could've Been Something!

They ARE something. They are the number one station in town based on yesterdays ratings...
More on Leveille:
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