Monday, December 29, 2008


Pete...and Repeat...... Anyone home?

Once in awhile while listening to a radio station, you can't get the impression "no one is home"!

The holidays usually means repeats and specials fill-ins, as jocks, and talk hosts take time off. But here is a strange situation.

One of our blog readers is Jim, who sent along these thoughts.....

WRKO plays the syndicated Jerry Doyle show at 10PM on weeknights.
Over the last 15 or so days, they have one of his best of shows, seven times. They just played it again on Friday night. I emailed the WRKO PD about it after about the 3rd or 4th time it played, and got no response. I emailed the Jerry Doyle show a few times, and got responses that their uplinks were working and I should only have heard that show once. They say the problem is on WRKO's end and they have been contacting them about it. The management is doing a good job of wrecking WRKO. Hosts come and go, and I just heard they extended Finneran's contract. I find his show pretty unlistenable, and from his ratings, it appears that many also feel that way.

The Umass folk station used to have this problem with its "World cafe" program. I emailed them after they played the same show three nights in a row, and they said a new Board Op was misreading audio files, thinking he was putting on a new show and they would fix it. Apparently the Board Op, and the PD and none of the staff listens to the station with any regularity, as you think they would have picked up on it. They did stop replaying shows for a while, but sometimes they play the same show two nights in a row. Jim

Jason Wolfe did a good job bringing WEEI to maturity. And while you may not like the hosts or style of the station, you can't ignore the success they've had in attracting attention and listeners.

I thought when they put Jason in charge of WRKO as well that WRKO would finally get someone who know how to make radio work. I was sadly mistaken.

I know I am not the only one who 6thinks so, but WRKO has been so mismanaged...and as silly as it sounds, sometimes it appears they are mismanaging it on purpose, maybe not to take listeners away from WEEI. That doesn't sound like a reasonable explanation, but then again, WRKO defies logic these days.

Friday, December 05, 2008


ABC Citadel...not worth the paper it's printed on...?

That's right, 15 -- c-e-n-t-s.

Jerry Delcolliano quotes their latest stock price....and has some other thoughts on the goings on at ABC-Citadel.

At Citadel, a "Fagreed" Kind of Christmas

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