Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How's that stock price? Part 2

Jerry DelColliano writes a blog, where he looks at some of the issues facing radio today. Most if it is "doom and gloom".

I thought his look at last week's stock price closes was interesting:

The cream of the crop at closing yesterday was CBS at $7.66, Cox at $4.91 and Saga at $3.31 -- and that's not saying much.

Then, it gets uglier.

Beasley at $1.30
Salem 88 cents
Entravision 87 cents
Cumulus 85 cents
Entercom 66 cents
Emmis at 39 cents
Citadel at 21 cents
Regent at 19 cents
Spanish 17 cents
Radio One just 13 cents

Westwood One is only 15 cents and Sirius XM a quarter!.

I still can't believe these prices!

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