Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Hair's the thing....

Some of us may not want to admit we remember the days...

Let's see....local booth announcer open, cool music intro, suits with vests were in, weathermen used magic markers, and, oh yes....the hair! ;-)

Jack Williams (was he ever that blonde?), Tony Pepper (I'm blonde too!), and Bruce Schwoegler (I am naturally blonde!) brought us the news in 1978. Even entertainment reporter Mary Stewart is blonde!

All they needed was Roger Twibell to do the sports and it would have been the Blonde News at 11PM. (On this night current WTKK weekend host Jimmy Meyers did the sports report.)

By the way...does anyone know where Tony Pepper is and what he might be doing? I found an online presence for most of the people in that video, except for Tony Pepper. Any information would be appreciated. Just leave it under "comments".

I hear Tony is still in the Boston area. After doing some work for WRKo years ago, I think he is doing some corporate consulting.

I also hear he has some health issues....
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