Thursday, November 06, 2008


After Election Day Comes Christmas

"Chri$tma$ has 2 s's in it and they're both dollar signs," observed Stan
Freberg in "Green Chri$tma$". Quite true. Earlier today WROR FM 105.7
shifted to an all-Yule format and WODS FM 103.3 quickly followed suit.
These stations, owned by Greater Media and CBS respectively, know that
their ratings spike when they go to all Christmas every year and apparently
each wanted to be the first; well, when WROR shifted, WODS immediately
followed suit.

Some will respond (it's too EARLY!) by taking the stations off their presets
but many will stay tuned. Businesses will play them over loudspeakers. Kids
are still munching their Halloween candy but it's now a holly jolly Christmas. has a running list of stations going all Yule.

Now that the people meter is here....will we see the end of the "Holiday Format"?
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