Sunday, November 23, 2008


Nothing special....just liked the picture....

I didn't have a post.

I just needed to post this cool picture.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How's that stock price? Part 2

Jerry DelColliano writes a blog, where he looks at some of the issues facing radio today. Most if it is "doom and gloom".

I thought his look at last week's stock price closes was interesting:

The cream of the crop at closing yesterday was CBS at $7.66, Cox at $4.91 and Saga at $3.31 -- and that's not saying much.

Then, it gets uglier.

Beasley at $1.30
Salem 88 cents
Entravision 87 cents
Cumulus 85 cents
Entercom 66 cents
Emmis at 39 cents
Citadel at 21 cents
Regent at 19 cents
Spanish 17 cents
Radio One just 13 cents

Westwood One is only 15 cents and Sirius XM a quarter!.

I still can't believe these prices!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Hair's the thing....

Some of us may not want to admit we remember the days...

Let's see....local booth announcer open, cool music intro, suits with vests were in, weathermen used magic markers, and, oh yes....the hair! ;-)

Jack Williams (was he ever that blonde?), Tony Pepper (I'm blonde too!), and Bruce Schwoegler (I am naturally blonde!) brought us the news in 1978. Even entertainment reporter Mary Stewart is blonde!

All they needed was Roger Twibell to do the sports and it would have been the Blonde News at 11PM. (On this night current WTKK weekend host Jimmy Meyers did the sports report.)

By the way...does anyone know where Tony Pepper is and what he might be doing? I found an online presence for most of the people in that video, except for Tony Pepper. Any information would be appreciated. Just leave it under "comments".

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Cain, Carr honored in Chicago

Howie Carr and Jess Cain were honored tonight at the Radio Hall Of Fame
banquet in Chicago.

Howie was introduced by one of Oprah's producers. Howie thanked his listeners, producers ("like Sandy, who's here tonight"), and really gave a lot of credit
to Jerry Williams. He talked of how thrilled he was to get to work
with "the Dean". A montage was played including moments from the Chump Line,
Mayor Menino, and so on. A transcription of the Carr speech can be found

and the segment with him can be found here.

Cain's induction started with a montage featuring "Carl Yastrzemski", "I left my
heart in Billerica", and so on.

Accepting was his wife, Jean Cain.
"Two of my sons, Jess III and Michael, are here to share with me. We wish Jess
could be here tonight and maybe he is in a way...Jess was born with a
talent to amuse
and this became his lifelong calling. During his 39 years in radio he was
intelligent and humorous without being offensive. It is such a thrill to see
him receive this honor. Thank you."

Thursday, November 06, 2008


After Election Day Comes Christmas

"Chri$tma$ has 2 s's in it and they're both dollar signs," observed Stan
Freberg in "Green Chri$tma$". Quite true. Earlier today WROR FM 105.7
shifted to an all-Yule format and WODS FM 103.3 quickly followed suit.
These stations, owned by Greater Media and CBS respectively, know that
their ratings spike when they go to all Christmas every year and apparently
each wanted to be the first; well, when WROR shifted, WODS immediately
followed suit.

Some will respond (it's too EARLY!) by taking the stations off their presets
but many will stay tuned. Businesses will play them over loudspeakers. Kids
are still munching their Halloween candy but it's now a holly jolly Christmas. has a running list of stations going all Yule.

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