Thursday, October 16, 2008


WRKO replaces Hopkins with Ingraham

Business losses are hitting Entercom hard, and it has resulted in some job losses
locally. The
reports that Reese Hopkins has been let go from WRKO despite getting some good ratings. His
10-noon slot will be taken by the syndicated Laura Ingraham show. Also let go
were producers for the Tom Finneran show (WRKO) and the Greg Hill show (WAAF).

Jessica Heslam of the Herald quotes WRKO's Jason Wolfe as saying,
“Reese did an excellent job for us and I certainly wish him well going forward. These are challenging times for our industry and we need to adjust accordingly.”

UPDATE Oct 17: The Herald now reports a producer for the Howie Carr Show was let go.

Too bad...Reese had a great show...Why didn't they get rid of Finneran....I just don't get it!I guess I am now officially done with WRKO!
...despite getting some good ratings.

I've looked at the ratings...and I never saw any "good ratings". Not sure what they are talking about.

Too bad. While Reese wasn't my cup of tea, you can't say he didn't try.

And I am sad that the once mighty talk heavyweight WRKO has only 2 local shows. (With the AM show on life support.)
What's with WRKO? I can't imagine that Reeese' ratings could have been worse than that felon guy Tom Finneran....Too bad...they had such a great talk shoe line-up at one time but little by little they have really ruined it.
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