Thursday, October 23, 2008


Former WRKO Talker held on rape charge

He was in their employ till last Thursday and was let go due to budget cuts, replaced by Laura Ingraham. A "listener appreciation party" was due to be held in Malden. Now former WRKO talk host Reese Hopkins is being held without bail on a "fugitive from justice charge stemming from a four-year-old rape allegation in New York City".

Details are in the Globe and in the Herald.

He is being extradited to New York City and claims that he was not present when the alleged rape
was said to have occured (late 2004 in New York City; he claims to have been
in Manchester, CT at the time)

Now...if this is fair is it that he gets his name sullied and his face plastered everywhere based on an accusation?

If he is guilty, his reputation is smeared.
Certainly innocent till proven guilty but it is true that being famous, even marginally so, means that an accusation made against you will be exposed in the papers and other media whereas it might not be played as much for a non-celeb. It isn't fair, but this is all over the news and even in discussion on his former station, WRKO.

On the same day we heard that former
Candlepins for Cash host Bob Gamere has been charged with
allegedly transmitting child porn. He, like Reese, will have his day in court and is to be presumed
innocent till proven otherwise.
It just may be true. Radio talk hosts are not so angelic. Like Bernie Ward of San Francisco's KGO, who is in jail for having transmitted child porn to a minor. Of course, he initially denied the charges as well.

I don't give a pass to anyone, especially if that person, via the media, is a role model of some sort.

But we'll see what happens.
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