Friday, October 10, 2008


Dale Digs in on Saturday Mornings.

After fearing the worst, I am glad to hear Dale Dorman still has a home on Boston radio. It appears Dale has decided to take a step back from the grueling early morning hours. Dale will still be heard on Oldies 103.3 on Saturday mornings.

The rest of the checkerboard? Stepping into Dale's old morning-drive slot is the former afternoon madam Karen Blake, acoompanied by former Ch 4 sportscaster Bob Lobel. (Is this a CBS plan to him employed and not working elsewhere?)

JJ Wright
slides into afternoon drive from evenings.

And, syndicated Tom Kent takes the night slot.

And we hear Patrick Callahn is back on the air at Oldies after a stroll across town. ;-)

(It's hard to believe CBS running syndicated stuff on a major market station before midnight. I mean, I might understand it if the Kent show was a CBS or Westwood One product, but it's not. I always thought Boston should be a place where syndicated shows come from....not arrive.)

For those who long for the good old days....remember the first time you turned on a radio and heard Dale Dorman?

You should be able to get an MP3 of Dale back in 1973.....HERE.

The Globe's Clea Simon had this story:

Boston icon Dorman dials back DJ duties at Oldies station

You may have missed this recent article in the Globe about Karen Blake:

Talk the talk, walk the walk

And I would link to the Herald's story by Jessica Heslam about Bob Lobel...but the Herald takes things offline to quickly, then wants to CHARGE for articles! Not a way to make friends Herald! Or steer people to your website.

How long will Dale last?
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