Friday, September 12, 2008


Rumblings at Oldies 103.3....?


I hear rumblings over at Oldies 103.3.

Who's in....Who's out? Hmmmm...

Not sure, but when I go to the website page for Dale Dorman, this is what I get.....

Is this simply a broken link? Or does this mean Dale is gone?

Also, why is Harry Nelson gone from the "DJ's Page"?

I don't have the whole story. Anyone know what's up there?

I know he took some sick time off for an undisclosed condition-like a chunk of the summer in July and August and the rest of the crew was juggled around. My "listener" intuition was they were trying to see,by chance, if they could get away without him? Haven't they been losing some ratings and advertisers? Dorman, was, for awhile, someone they used to do promos, "weekend" TV Tunes(that all went away some years ago) and the whole station seemed to be much more fun. I remember the BIG deal they had on- air when Dale was "hired" after he did a "one hour test" on JJ Wright's show back in 2003,I think it was-station heads,corporate guys etc were all there. Since then they used his personality as station promo and that had really cut back in the past year or more.

Whatever happened it appears to be sudden with no "goodbye". You'd think if he retired or something they'd have done a big deal of it.
Pay dispute? Corporate dispute? Me thinks even Dale didn't know this was coming. Or the listeners.

They just said "Starting at 7:45 Monday the Xmas ticket giveaway starts". Years ago it would have been "Dale gives away..."

Weird. I grew up with him on Ch 56 and on WRKO(he used to host RKO ROK on Saturdays on Ch 7 around 1976) and he became less spontaneous and more conservatively PC as the years went on, esp at 103. Even some of the morning show fun banter just dried up in the last year because he was quite funny to start.

-a listener with guesses and observations
It would be a shame to lose Dale to retirement (Voleuntary or involuntary.)

Considering the sucess he had at WRKO and them Kiss 108, I'm surprised if Oldies decides there is no place for a legend with his talent.
Something I remembered. He came on-air exactly *five years* ago this week(some weeks after he was "hired" on air) with Oldies in a VERY publicized event with Mitt Romney even calling in. Speculation: maybe he had a five year contract that was up and things didnt' go well to re-new?? And of course Infinity was taken over by CBS and if one notes with Oldies recent history lots of changes happened then with the loss of air staff(such as Patrick Callahan who had a GREAT on-air presence).

Dale's presence at the Oldie's concerts seemed to vanish as well in the last six months. He was a fixture/host at past summer events and he was basically gone this year.

It also seems a shame that Oldies would be so tight-lipped about it with just what appeared to be,to listeners, an ominous sign-off in that he just went away.
I thought this new PD was more of a 'people-person' than other PD's...

I'm surprised they handled it this way.
As you know Bob Lobel and Karen Blake Started Morning Drive Today on Oldies 103.3 and it will air weekday mornings from 6-9AM on Oldies 103.3FM WODS Boston. They replace Dale Dorman who stepped down as host of the Breakfast Club after 5 years at Oldies 103.3
Dale is back this weekend. Saturdays he has some sort of timeslot "show" whatever it will be.I suggest tune in to find out. My impression is it will start later in the morning. His bio and page are all back at the WODS website. Also back but not listed, last weekend was the distinctive and welcome voice of Patrick Callahan.
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