Monday, September 29, 2008


WTKK adds Curtis Sliwa weeknights

WTKK is giving Curtis Sliwa a show weeknights from 10 pm to 1 am, in between
local Michelle McPhee and syndicated Phil Hendrie. The longtime Guardian Angel
and WABC talk host (he apparently will continue there, too) has done fill ins
for Jay Severin and McPhee in the past. It starts on Wed., Oct 1.

According to the Herald, Sliwa
said, "WTKK is giving me a chance to do live and local radio in Boston, where I can continue to take it from the suites to the streets, and be raw and real." But
no doubt he will actually do the show from New York state, as Jay Severin did in
the past.

Laura Ingraham, whom Sliwa is displacing, will still be heard on Sunday nights
while Ingraham's late morning show will also be heard live on Beverly's
WNSH AM 1570 and Worcester's WCRN AM 830.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Rumblings at Oldies 103.3....?


I hear rumblings over at Oldies 103.3.

Who's in....Who's out? Hmmmm...

Not sure, but when I go to the website page for Dale Dorman, this is what I get.....

Is this simply a broken link? Or does this mean Dale is gone?

Also, why is Harry Nelson gone from the "DJ's Page"?

I don't have the whole story. Anyone know what's up there?

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Clear Channel become Lee-Bain Channel...

Now that Thomas Lee Partners and Bain Capital have completed their purchase of Clear Channel and are running the show, what can we expect for a change?

Jerry Del Colliano has this great column looking at what Clear Channel did wrong, and how the new owners can get away from the ghost of Clear Channel Past.

It was Clear Channel's aggregate arrogance that was their downfall....and what the new guys in charge will have to overcome.

Inside Music Media; Lee & Bain Channel

If you have never seen these two archived sites before, they are a hoot!

Cheap Channel Radio

Clear Chanel Sucks

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


WZLX sings the Blues (on HD2).....

Looks like WZLX wants to pick up the 'Blues' mantle/image that WBOS tossed aside (along with most of the DJ's) in favor of automation.

The Globe's Clea Simon had this article:

'Morning Blues' plays local on Sunday

Does this mean CBS going to finally do something with their HD2 channels?

I keep hearing that Oldies 103.3 was going to program 50's/60's oldies on their HD2 channel. When will it happen?

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