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Here are some tidbits of news over the last few months (in no particular order):

Now you see him, STILL see him!

Boston's Mike Mullaney had scored the OM/PD gig at WXRV "The River" in Haverhill, decided to stay put at CBS's WBMX Mix 98.5.

Second thought? Horror stories about Steve Silberberg? Or did CBS make him an offer he couldn't refuse. ;-)

Glad your staying Mike! (Is it me or is WXRV the station of no return? Everyone seems to leave that place in a career body bag...)


Former WZLX and WBOS PD and talent George Taylor Morris has been named senior director of original programming at XM.

He had been hosting a daily show on the "Deep Tracks" channel.

Rock Personnel Changes At XM

Here is an interview with George:

XM Radio Interview with George Taylor Morris


We said goodby to longtime WBZ radio newscaster Jim Mitchell.

Many people wrote their appreciate and remembrences of him. Not all of us knew he ran a bookstore in Warner, NH. (Where the heck is 'Warner' anyhow?) ;-)

He was only 58. Much too young.

Veteran Boston Broadcaster Dies

New Hampshire's Concord Monitor did this story about Jim as the operator of the local bookstore.

Warner Loses an Old Friend


We say goodby to Joe Bergantino who did great work at Channel 4. It's sad to see him go after 22 years. Even sadder that there will be no replacement.

Bergantino Leaves WBZ


Magic 106.7's "Exceptional Women" program recently held their 11th annual Exceptional Awards luncheon.

One of the hosts of the program is Gay Vernon who is news director at Magic, but was heard on WROR's Loren and Wally show previously. She also did some work for WGIR in Manchester, NH.

Long-running Show Boosts its Local Focus


Our best wishes go out to one of the best programmers in the country. Steve Rivers, who programmed both WZOU and Kiss 108, left hospital on Friday, June 13, 2008 after he suffers a stroke in May.

He had recently been at Top 40 KBKS in Seattle.


After some wondered aloud if Opie and Anthony would simply stay on XM and discontinue the agreement with CBS to simulcast the first 3 hours, O&A resigned with CBS...and will continue to be heard on CBS's WBCN.

Opie & Anthony to Stay on Boston’s Airwaves


Up at WLOB in Portland Maine, two hhosts were suspended for having an on-air joust in which a racial slur was utterred on the air.

Down East's Media Mutt has blogged about this:

Talking Ugly

According to Tom Taylor at Radio-info, the words were: "f-ing guinea".

Barry Nolan is let Go from CN8.

Many of us remember Barry Nolan as the amiable host of Evening Magazine on Channel 4.

More recently he has been working for the Comcast channel, CN8 (which is on channel 3 in my town, not 8!). I should say he was working there until he decided to go after Bill O'Reilly.

Not So Free Speech

(I usually don't link to politcal blogs, but Massachusetts Liberal seems to have the story intact.)

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