Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Guy from Boston.....

You may have come across Joe Ligotti, the "Guy From Boston". If you did, you would remember it. He's a larger than life character in all manner...with a gift of gab. He appears to be an affable fellow, along with being mildly amusing.

I'm not sure how he got his start in the public eye, but after an appearance on Leno, a website, Youtube videos, numerous newspaper articles, a MySpace page, and a gig doing commentary at Fox 25...he now has a regular weekend spot on WTKK. They have paired him with longtime Philadelphia veteran from WYSP "Huggy".

The Globe's Joe Diaz did this piece about the self-styled cigar aficionado that appeared in the Sidekick section:

The Guy From Boston: 'I'm the unstar'

The earlier incarnations of "The Guy from Boston" seemed to consist of "I'm mad as hell" rants...and were a little less...errrr..."family friendly". The latest appearances by Joe seem to bee much more toned down. (Jeesh I hope he doesn't have a heart attack!)

I like the "kinder and gentler" version..... ;-)
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