Monday, July 28, 2008


Laurenti from WBOS to WUMB.....

John Laurenti is one of the jocks cut loose when WBOS decided to decimate it's history and any goodwill it had with listeners to become who-knows-what....

Looks like John landed himself across the street at WUMB, a place that respects his talent.

Good luck John!

With Laurenti, WUMB aims to make its folk more accessible

Click on the 'BOS link and you may get dizzy. Listen to 'BOS, and you will get nauseous. The relationship between corporate stations like BOS and their audience results in a strange fear of abandonment (WBOS's current craven top-20 playlist of grunge oldies). This outright contempt for listeners only drives them away to more intrepid stations like WUMB or WERS. Good luck, John.
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