Friday, July 18, 2008


Double Duty for PD's...?

While there have always been people doing "double-duty" at most smaller stations, in the larger markets it was always thought that each station needed individual loving care and attention. (How could someone be loyal to two lovers?)

When group consolidation started in Boston, you first started seeing the consolidation in jobs. Traffic reporters, receptionists, engineers, etc. But each station needed the care of one Program Director.

I have to give credit to Greater Media in Boston, where they have maintained 1 PD per station.

With the departure of Dave Wellington from the PD post at WBCN, CBS is giving those duties to the current PD of sister station WZLX Mike Thomas.

The Globe's Clea Simon had this article.

He Welcomes Double Duty

This view holds across the industry. "Double-teaming or triple- teaming the PD is becoming almost the norm," says Tom Taylor, executive news editor of the industry website Radio-Info.

"The Norm" doesn't mean it's good for radio.....

They should call the industry "Narrowcasting" instead of "Broadcasting" because the industry just shrinks when they give more than one job to a person and keep others out of the business.
WZLX: "Where rock n' roll goes to die." It's gotta be hard work shuffling the same two Hendrix songs into an enervated top-30 mix of stale classic hits. WMBR's "Lost and Found" embodies what we once loved about rock the most: discovery. 'ZLX keeps bloated coot rock like Aerosmith on life support to sell corporate product and sell tickets to the nostalgia factory. Blah.
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