Monday, July 07, 2008


Change at WBCN...?

Dave Wellington leaves WBCN.....are more changes coming down the road?

With departure of program director, change is in the air at WBCN

Looks like Dave is headed to Washington...

Wellington Named PD Of DC101 & Channel 104.3

"WBCN/Boston programmer Dave Wellington has been named Program Director for Clear Channel Modern Rockers WWDC (DC101)/Washington, D.C. and the newly-launched WCHH "Channel 104.3"/Baltimore. He replaces Cruze, who exited the post this past spring."

"BCN continues its long decent into irrelevance. A gleefully irreverent and independent AOR format that redefined FM radio in the 70s(read Fred Goodman's "The Mansion on the Hill") has succumbed to dimwitted yappers who occasionally spin stale corporate rock. This format will never lure kids who are better PDs on their own desktops.
A once great station is a shadow of it's former programmed by the corperation.

I put Kiss 108 in this same category. Once a maintstay of the pulse of Boston is now simply a jukebox.
I am so mad that WBCN has been forced to change formats to a crappy pop station. I'm sick of CBS messing with it's Boston market. Stop trying to Syndicate America. Every region of America has it's own face and i assure you Boston will not stand for this injustice you did by selling it out to teeny boppers. If this format doesn't change i will never listen to WBCN ever again. Please People Write,Email,Call and demand that CBS BRING BACK THE ROCK TO WBCN.
Are you responding to an APril Fool's joke?

Check the date...
It's happening again! Sports/talk?
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