Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Let there be Ratings....!

The report card is in, and the Herald's Jessica Heslam did everyone a favor and posted the recently released Arbitron ratings for Winter 2008 on her blog.

(And the 25-54 numbers no less!)

Boston radio ratings: who’s hot and who’s not

The Herald also had this accompanying article in Wednesday's Herald.

Finneran’s station KO’d by WTKK in ratings drive

There's a headline for ya'!

I wonder how many new sales orders are coming into WRKO this morning?
(I imagine WTKK has this article on every advertisers desk!)

Radio and records had this quick synopsis of the 12+ #'s:

Boston: WBZ Closing In On WJMN

The race for ratings supremacy 12+ in Boston is as tight as you can get as CBS Radio news/talk WBZ went 6.5-6.9, just behind Clear Channel's market-leading rhythmic WJMN, which had an up (6.7-7.0) winter 2008 Arbitron book, too.

Rounding out the top five, Clear Channel CHR/top 40 WXKS moved up (5.7-6.1), as did Greater Media AC WMJX (5.0-5.6). However, Entercom sports WEEI was off 6.0-5.3.

CBS Radio oldies WODS struggled in the winter book, down 5.0-4.1, but Greater Media talk WTKK soared 2.8-4.1.

The rock format wars in Boston shook out like this: CBS Radio classic rock WZLX improved 2.8-3.1, while alternative clustermate WBCN went 2.2-2.1 and Entercom active rock WAAF was flat at 2.0. Also taking hits 12+ were Greater Media alternative WBOS (1.5-1.3), Northeast Broadcasting triple A WXRV (1.5-1.2) and Phoenix Media alternative WFNX (1.4-0.8).

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