Saturday, March 08, 2008


Will (Can) WBIX rise from the ashes...?

Some of us had high hopes for 1060AM WBIX when they signed on the air. They started out attempting to be another choice for talkradio in Boston.....then shifted to business and was bought (and then lost) by Brad Bleidt.

WBIX is back in the hands of its original owner, Alex Langer.

It appears the station is staying alive by running inexpensive business programming. Although, I would think it's life as a business station is forever tarnished by it's former association with Brad Bleidt.

The Globe's Clea Simon had this article recently...and the notorious shenanigans of Brad Bleidt (albeit in the past) had to have a line in an otherwise positive article about the station.

Reenergized WBIX Gets Down to Business

I have to think that the only future for this radio station would be to change format.

I would love to see it as a secondary talk station....with some specialty shows on the weekend. While I love to see "live & local"...I understand it has to be run "on the cheap". There are a lot of syndicated talkers out there that are not cleared in Boston. (Glen Beck, Dr. Laura, Ed Shultz...and Hannity now too. Not to mention O'Reilly, Alan Colmes as well as some of the Progressive talkers and Air America.)

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