Saturday, February 23, 2008


WRKO lets Moe Lauzier go

Longtime WRKO talk host Moe Lauzier has been
let go by the station
, after
25 years at the local talker. Many a weekend morning was spent by WRKO's
listeners with Moe, discussing "the issues of the day". But now, due to
cost-cutting (perhaps he'll be replaced with an informercial about colon
cleansers), he is off the air. And Lauzier says on his blog that he wasn't
even fired personally by program director Jason Wolfe--they told a producer
to give him the news.

WRKO still has Howie Carr (last week, a voice from the past, Avi Nelson,
filled in for him) and some local content but from now on, listeners
tuning in to expect live-and-local talk radio on the weekends will get
an informercial instead (or perhaps a replay of another talk show).
As Dapper O'Neill once put it, it's enough to make you want to throw
up on television.

Why didn't they release that windbag Finneran instead? His ratings CANNOT be good.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen...
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