Thursday, February 07, 2008


WCRB Celebrates 60 Years

WCRB Started out as an AM station in Waltham in 1948.

Then became one of the countries most sucessful Classical stations on 102.5FM.

Many we dissappointed with their move to the lesser signal 99.5...but many were happy the station is still on the air in some incarnation.

WCRB now Celebrates 60 years of broadcasting

Dave MacNeill has been there all along. Quite a feat!

Although Dave Macneill has decided to give up his position as host of the Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts, he will still be contributing to the station in other capacities.

Happy Birthday WCRB and congratulations to Dave Macneill on a great career!

Here's the Globe's writeup:

A Classical Survivor Celebrates a Milestone

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