Friday, January 18, 2008


Geffner leaves Sox for Marlins

Red Sox radio broadcaster Glenn Geffner is leaving the 2007 World
Champions to become the number two radio announcer for the
Florida Marlins
. Geffner, a Florida native who was brought aboard by Sox bigwig Larry Lucchino,
has drawn criticism from listeners and such blogs as for various reasons (among them
talking too fast and too much). Geffner did have some nice home run/game
winning hit moments, though.

The Red Sox radio team will now be Joe Castiglione and a full-time Dave O'Brien.

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Whew! I'm sure Glenn's a great guy, at least he comes across that way on the radio, and I sure wish him the absolute best working for the Marlins. But I certainly won't miss him in the Sox radio booth. He seemed pretty knowledgeable, but, c'mon...reading all those stats got to be a real drag night after night!
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