Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Barry Scott's Lost 45's.....

Barry Scott is one of the best promotional people in radio.

He's in the paper once again!

He's at a loss over his 'Lost 45s' success

Saturday, October 27, 2007


T Radio Silenced......

Just as suddenly as it appeared.....it dissappeared. ;-)

After two-week trial, T Radio is silenced

I am surprised it went away so quickly.

Is anyone surprised at the number of negative comments

But a spokesman conceded that the agency received an overwhelming number of e-mails – 1,800, mostly complaints – about the live radio station that played in platforms at South Station, North Station, and Logan International Airport.

"Not just Phil Collins, but somebody really inanely explaining the back story for that song," he added.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Finneran's Floudering....

The more I think about it...the more I can't help but wonder why WRKO hired Tom Finneran to do the morning show.

Maybe they really think that you don't need any experience to do morning-drive in a major market. (I know Finneran has done some fill-ins...but never been a full-time talk host.)

I had heard that someone higher up at Entercom had been pushing for them to hire Finneran even as far back when Peter Blute was leaving the station.

I will admit that he's not as bad as I thought he'd be....but he's still pretty bad. He has no idea how to put together a show day to day....and to help to grow the show long-term.

I can't help but wonder if they are paying him a hefty salary. With the prolonged negotiation and announcement when he came aboard...I can't help but think yes. However Finneran was out of work....and probably thought this was an easy way to work out his years....so maybe he didn't need to much $$$persuasion. In any event, it doesn't matter.

Here's Jessica Heslam's article from this week:

Host of issues for WRKO’s Finneran

While I think the issue of the 'help wanted' ad (i.e..9AM, etc) is a non-issue....the points made about WRKO's ratings slide into oblivion is worth noting.

WRKO’s overall ratings were down 28 percent among 25- to 54-year-old listeners from the spring to summer, according to Arbitron. Finneran was down 16 percent; Feinburg was down 7 percent and Carr was down 39 percent in that demographic.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


"T Radio" makes an appearance....>!

This sounds like a good idea....but I think people might resent being force-fed audio chosen by somebody else.

I had heard that Rich Balsbaugh (and Steve Rivers?) had some venture that was providing targeted music for stores....so I wasn't surprised to learn that they were behind this effort.

T Gives Music a Test Run

"The rest of the play list: top 40, Motown, classic rock, Latin pop. In between, local reporters and personalities..."

Does anyone know who they expect the "local personalities" will be?

One rider had it in a nutshell:

"It could be good, but it could also be obnoxious..."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Public Radio Ratings...?

If anyone would like to look at how public radio in Boston does competitvely, you can find the ratings for Boston's non-commercial stations here:

Radio Research Consortium

Just put in the market name (i.e.Boston), ...and hit "Run Report".

You can see that WBUR performs relatively well with a 4.0. This is along the lines of some of Boston's major commercial stations. (I'm told in drive-times, "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition" do phenomenally well...beating some of the major Boston commercial station.)

Other noteworthy stations:

WGBH comes in next with a meager 1.4 !
WERS comes in with a 0.6 !

While we may hold certain non-comms with affection....all of the others have negligible audience. I for one am surprised at WGBH's lackluster performance. I would have guess that the WGBH institution and the large signal would garner more listeners than that.

To compare this with the other stations in the market, you can look at the Boston ratings page at Radio-info.

I am told that next year non-comms will be included in the regular boston ratings. This will give them more visibilty...and might lead some stations to realize WBUR is a real competitor.

Friday, October 19, 2007


WAAF signs Greg Hill to 5 more years......

The 20 year WAAF jock has agreed to spend 5 more years at the station doing the morning show.

From the Herald:

WAAF-FM signed Hill-Man Morning Show host Greg Hill to a five-year extension. The contract keeps Hill on the Entercom-owned rock station into 2013.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Howie Carr Loses His Case--For now?

The Herald's Jessica Heslam

"Howie Carr has hit another road block in his quest to join rival station WTKK, with a judge today denying the radio host’s request to reverse an earlier decision that the right to match provision in his WRKO contract is valid and enforceable. Suffolk Superior Court Judge Allan van Gestel also denied WRKO’s request for a preliminary injunction, which would have banned WTKK executives from talking to Carr, and making any public statements about him, for the next five years."

in the Globe

"...remains under contract with his current employer, WRKO-AM, a judge ruled today. But the ruling, issued this morning by Suffolk Superior Court Judge Allan van Gestel, sharply ratchets up Carr’s salary to match the offer given by a competing radio station."

So does Howie appeal? Does he sit out radio, or possible try to get on WTKK
(and risk a lawsuit)? Or does he go back to WRKO, a station he did not intend
to work for anymore? And if he does return to WRKO (and the "Howie Carr
Network"), does Entercom have to match those performance incentives Greater
Media was dangling in front of him? Does he get the WRKO morning show?
Who knows.
The judge is saying that since Howie was employed by Entercom in
July when Greater Media offered him a deal, they had the right to match, but does
that also mean Howie is being forced to accept Entercom's offer?

Monday, October 15, 2007


Howie Sock Puppets, and Greg Hill's contract extended

On a day when
a hearing is scheduled
on Howie Carr's request to depart WRKO, it appears
The Talk Station has put Howie back on...in the form of a sock puppet at
their site. "Virtual Howie" allows people, with the click of a mouse, to hear Howie's voice say various things. Even though the real Howie has been off air since Sept. 18, the day before his WRKO contract expired.

Howie feels he should be able to go to WTKK to be their morning man but a judgement
on Sept. 19 ruled that while Entercom's "non-compete clause" was not valid, the
"right to match" is. Howie's debut on WTKK was set for Sept. 20 but instead he
has benched himself from WRKO--a station which feels he is their property
for another five years.

Meanwhile, Entercom HAS signed one of their announcers for five more years:
Greg Hill of WAAF 107.3/WKAF 97.7. "The entire Entercom Boston family is thrilled to have Greg Hill on our airwaves for another five years,” Vice President and Market Manager for Entercom New England Julie Kahn said in an Entercom press release.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Let's start a community radio station!

What a great idea!

I applaud anyone who attempts this long arduous task.

Former candidate for Governor Grace Ross is part of a group exploring the idea of bringing a new station to the Worcester area. (Although I thought Worcester was served well with WICN and WCUW...along with other college stations.)

Here's the Globe article:

Community radio looking for home

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Could Imus be coming back to a radio near you?

They say it's almost a done deal for Imus to return to the airwaves in NYC (this time at WABC). Will he be rolled out again into syndication? Will he be appearing on a Boston station as well?

Here is the Newsday article:

Imus near deal to return to airwaves

Citadel Broadcasting is close to finalizing a contract with Don Imus that would bring the controversial radio host back to the airwaves, a person familiar with the discussions said Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear from where Imus would be heard, but Citadel owns WABC in New York, making its morning slot a logical destination. It also owns WPLJ-FM.

There are really only two places that he could appear in Boston....WRKO or WTKK.

WRKO has a struggling morning show.

WTKK, has Howie Carr waiting in the wings to take over mornings as soon as a judge allows it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


.....and Wally.

The Providence Journal did a great story on the son of Providence radio legend "Salty Brine" who has been successful in Boston at WROR.

Vintage Brine: Salty Brine’s son, Wally, has become a name in radio in his own right

Monday, October 01, 2007


WBZ announces Dan Rea as Sullivan replacement

WBZ AM 1030 in Boston has announced that Dan Rea is their new weeknight talk show host (8 pm to midnight) in place of Paul Sullivan, who recently passed on.

Here's the
from WBZ.

"This is just a perfect fit for me" Rea said, "I could not be more thrilled and honored to take over the evening talk show job previously held by the legendary David Brudnoy and Paul Sullivan. I’m extremely anxious to get to know the audience and to let them get to know me. It will be a fun process talking with the listeners each night. With so much going on in the world from Iraq, to the presidential campaign to politics as usual in Massachusetts there will be not shortage subjects. My entire career has been in Boston and I know who the winners and who the losers and where to go for answers. I want the WBZ News Radio audience to know that NightSide with Dan Rea will be an answer machine on any of the issues facing us."

Occasionally, part of the show will be pre-empted for
Boston Bruins hockey

WBZ plans to use the name Nightside, but it should be noted a late night syndicated show on such Bonneville-owned stations as WWWT in the nation's capital and
KSL in Salt Lake City is already called "The Nightside Project".

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