Friday, December 14, 2007


RIP: Fred B. Cole, 92

Fred B. Cole, 92; mouthpiece of big-band era

"...he was finally hired by WHDH, where for 21 years he was the disc jockey playing big-band tunes on "Carnival of Music," which later was renamed "The Fred B. Cole Show." Mr. Cole, who in May was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, died in his sleep Thursday in his Hingham home. He was 92."

From what I hear, Fred was a good natured fellow, loved radio and enjoyed his colleagues in the business. He'd been known to make appearances at the "Media Gang" luncheon, even in his later years.


Two questions....

The obituary mentioned:

"Five years ago, Mr. Cole published a short tribute to the Ritz-Carlton dining room in the op-ed pages of the Globe and recalled the big-band performances he broadcast from the roof in the late 1930s."

1.) Does anyone have a copy of article? Is it available online anywhere?

2.) Does anyone know what station is shown in the picture above? (Notice the lock on the dial on the phone? I guess they didn't want DJ's making long-distance calls. Anyone remember those days?) ;-)

that radio station WRPS at Rockland High School

Fred B was my grandmother's cousin, he was "Uncle Fred"--he was one of the happiest, most cheerful, fun-loving and funniest guys ever. And he loved us kids!!!
He is sorely missed by his family.
Julie in Delray Beach
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