Thursday, December 20, 2007


Channel 56 thru the years....

...starting with day one!

Let me see if this post of a Youtube video works the way I intended.... ;-)

I like this! I want more!
Great work!

I remember that musical theme!
In 1966, when WKBG ("Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting)< I was 16 years old and entranced by the sign-off theme, and by the announcer's voice who spoke over it, Ron Dwyer. I called the station and they told me what the music was (Bert Kaempfert's "That Happy Feeling," and I took the bus from Winthrop (my home town) and then the subway to then-Scollay Square, and ordered the music from a record shop. in the area. A couple of weeks later, it arrived, and I played it over and over, trying to emulate Ron Dwyer. I found Ron at WATD many years later - phoned him to tell him the story thinking he'd be amused... but alas, he was anything but nice to me, for some reason. I was working in Radio then myself, so was well aware of egos, but it hurt. Nonetheless, I remember adjusting our pie-plate UHF antenna to 77view WKBG, and wish the entire video were available!

Shel Swartz
WRKO/The Big 68 Remembered
Does anyone know about the background of WKBG-TV announcer Tom Evans? Was he a Boston radio broadcaster, too?
I believe Tom Evans did some announcing...but was mostly in sales.

I havn't heard anything about him since Ch 56 changed ownership (to Tribune).
I can answer the question. I had the morning top forty show beginning in 1956 on WCOP..We had just begun the top forty format. Our crew at that time was Bill Marlow, John Scott, and Jim Dixon. I moved to the mid day show, later the top forty afternoon show....and after 9 years doing musi shows I began a series of live broadcasts from various sponsors locations well in the late 70"s . while involved in that I joined WLVI TV{then WKBG} and was the booth announcer for 27 years. Retired from 56 in 97, left WCOP in 79, and spent ten years at WRKO retiring there in 1989..During those years I was also very busy doing commercials, voice overs, and did vo's on both radio and tv for the Celtics,,,,A great time...I have kept in touch with many from that era. Many, of course are no longer with us.. I saw a question on your blog...and, thought I would answer. The names you mention bring back many memories. Tom Evans (Neil MacNevin).
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