Sunday, December 30, 2007


Double-ya Vee as in Victah - See - Ay


One of the legends of New England radio is the one man station and curmudgeon Simon Geller. Geller, of Gloucester, was a retired radio engineer, that applied for, built and ran FM station WVCA out of his small apartment.

Why? Because he enjoyed radio....and enjoyed classical music.

He hung onto the station thru legal challenges up until shortly before his death when he sold it to the Tanger family...who promised to keep it classical. (The Tangers had run a few other classical formated station, so it appeared to be a good bet.)

Not sure what the legal bounds of "keeping it classical" were, but the small station had a hard time competing commercially with the giant signal of WCRB. (Geller didn't run any commercials.) It has since flipped to an oldies format...and is now branded as a purely local station for the North Shore of Boston...."North Shore 104.9". (They also carry the Red Sox and the Celtics.)

Sadly, the day when an individual can start and run their own radio station is over.

I came across this old 1986 aricle about Simon Geller, the man and his station, from Time magazine. I thought some might like to revisit the story.

In Massachusetts: Giving Music

The website for the current incarnation of this station is here:


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