Thursday, November 15, 2007


Howie Carr returns Fri Nov 16

Howie Carr is coming back to WRKO (and his "network") after all, starting Friday, Nov. 16, according to Entercom and the Herald's Messenger Blog. He will return to his afternoon slot (3-7 pm) on WRKO
and affiliates in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and elsewhere in the Bay
State. (WCRN in Worcester dropped him but it's unclear whether or not they
would pick him up again.)

“We are thrilled that Howie is back on WRKO,” said Entercom New England Vice President and Market Manager Julie Kahn in a press release. “Howie is a one-of-a-kind talent, and I’m sure all of Howie’s listeners are looking forward to hearing him on our air again.”

The Herald's article has quotes from Howie and from Greater Media about this
four-month saga.

Second verse....

....same as the First!
And WTKK comes full circle with today's announcement that they will carry the new Don Imus show (originating at WABC and syndicated by ABC/Citadel) starting Dec. 3...
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