Monday, October 01, 2007


WBZ announces Dan Rea as Sullivan replacement

WBZ AM 1030 in Boston has announced that Dan Rea is their new weeknight talk show host (8 pm to midnight) in place of Paul Sullivan, who recently passed on.

Here's the
from WBZ.

"This is just a perfect fit for me" Rea said, "I could not be more thrilled and honored to take over the evening talk show job previously held by the legendary David Brudnoy and Paul Sullivan. I’m extremely anxious to get to know the audience and to let them get to know me. It will be a fun process talking with the listeners each night. With so much going on in the world from Iraq, to the presidential campaign to politics as usual in Massachusetts there will be not shortage subjects. My entire career has been in Boston and I know who the winners and who the losers and where to go for answers. I want the WBZ News Radio audience to know that NightSide with Dan Rea will be an answer machine on any of the issues facing us."

Occasionally, part of the show will be pre-empted for
Boston Bruins hockey

WBZ plans to use the name Nightside, but it should be noted a late night syndicated show on such Bonneville-owned stations as WWWT in the nation's capital and
KSL in Salt Lake City is already called "The Nightside Project".

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