Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Public Radio Ratings...?

If anyone would like to look at how public radio in Boston does competitvely, you can find the ratings for Boston's non-commercial stations here:

Radio Research Consortium

Just put in the market name (i.e.Boston), ...and hit "Run Report".

You can see that WBUR performs relatively well with a 4.0. This is along the lines of some of Boston's major commercial stations. (I'm told in drive-times, "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition" do phenomenally well...beating some of the major Boston commercial station.)

Other noteworthy stations:

WGBH comes in next with a meager 1.4 !
WERS comes in with a 0.6 !

While we may hold certain non-comms with affection....all of the others have negligible audience. I for one am surprised at WGBH's lackluster performance. I would have guess that the WGBH institution and the large signal would garner more listeners than that.

To compare this with the other stations in the market, you can look at the Boston ratings page at Radio-info.

I am told that next year non-comms will be included in the regular boston ratings. This will give them more visibilty...and might lead some stations to realize WBUR is a real competitor.

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